Monday, January 04, 2016

Goals | 2016

Back in January 2015, I set myself four goals. Putting them on here, I told myself, was as a way to hold myself accountable, hopefully ensuring I meet every one of them, and it appears to have worked!

In July, I graduated with a 2:1 in History. Scuba diving became my new skill, one that filled me with both joy and fear. I invested in a personal trainer, making me fitter right now than I have ever been, and I’ve explored more of the world in 365 days than ever before.

2015 also came to be a year full of goodbyes, constant change, and unrelenting hard work. I’ve visited 10 cities in 8 different countries, experiencing both solo and business travel for the first time, I’ve ran 6 miles (only stopping once to throw up), and broken down in floods of tears in front of 50 people.

I’ve dressed up as Pocahontas, Cinderella and Dora the explorer. I’ve worked muscles Inever knew I had, made a movie, and eaten my body weight in Swiss chocolateI’ve argued with airport security, watched all four seasons of Gossip Girl and nearly drowned in a freezing cold lake.

I’ve cried myself to sleep, laughed until my stomach hurt and shaken it off to Taylor Swift’s 1989tour.

2015 is left behind with bittersweet memories, complete closure and a sense of accomplishment, but welcoming 2016 with open arms. Even numbers are better for my soul, and this year will serve me well.

Goals for 2016
  • Save | Keep my receipts, use my terramundi, whatever it takes
  • Run | Commit myself and see where it takes me, I may not hate it as much as I think
  • Learn a language | I’m thinking Italian will be the most useful
  • Touch my toes | The inflexibility is astounding, it’s time for me to pick up yoga and get stretching regularly
  • Read a book a month | I’d better start making the most of the morning commute
Bring on the next 362 days 


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