Monday, July 20, 2015

Run to the beat

Givey sadly let me down with their hideous new layout – so I figured I would use this post to tell everyone about my 10k run in September, and the reason I’ve chosen to torture myself in this way.

Firstly it should be stated with clarity that I, Hollie Tye, am not a runner. I go through phases of wanting to increase my fitness, where I throw on my running shoes and hit the streets, or a treadmill, but it never lasts. I would much rather jump on a bike, a cross trainer, or partake in pretty much any other form of exercise. Running is mind-numbing, not to mention my weak joints never thank me for it.

So why run? Honestly, it seemed so achievable when I signed up. After a run with my brother however, I am now fully aware of the challenge I have ahead. The distance isn’t the problem; my speed however, is somewhat similar to my Nana’s walking pace. I’m so slow, it’s painful to watch, and often results in people staring at me in disbelief.

I want to run 10k in an hour – so this is where the challenge lies!

The run is in aid of an incredible charity, called Myeloma UK, who is currently the only UK based charity working towards treating and eventually curing the disease - which is a form of bone marrow cancer. Sadly we lost my Nana in January, after five years of living with the illness and this run is a great opportunity to raise some money in her name.

So if you’d like to support me on my journey of pain, torture and misery - please click the link below and donate. Any amount, no matter how small, would mean a lot.


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