Saturday, August 20, 2016

Travel essentials | What's in my rucksack?

Rucksack | Lowe Alpine Cloud Peak ND backpack (Sea blue/quartz, size 50)
I’ve tried a few rucksacks over the years and I’ll be honest, I give them a tough time. It’s hard to look after a rucksack properly when you’re on the move so it was important that I found one both durable and light (I’m certainly not strong). This Lowe Alpine rucksack were perfect. It’s a great size as it prevents me from over-packing, it fits comfortably around my hips and moves all the weight away from my lower back. I strongly recommend it.
Hiking boots | Berghaus Expeditor AQ Trek women's walking boots
I bought these last minute and wore them for the first time in Austria. I’m a sucker for forgetting to break in shoes. I spent the best part of nine days with them permanently on my feet and I didn’t get an ounce of bother. They’re comfortable, durable and apparently work as great in warm weather as they do in the cold (I have yet to test that out). There is nothing worse than blisters on the move, especially if you don’t have a backup pair of shoes.

Sunglasses | Ray Ban Round Metal Green Classic G-15
I’m from London. Even if I’m heading to Iceland my sunglasses are coming with me (just in case). I got these bad boys for my birthday and they’re my absolute favourite.  

Headphones – Bose
To drone out the five year old screaming the plane down (I can’t complain, when I was five I was the worst travel companion in the world). I like to take both these and my little earphones. These are great for cutting out noise but can get slightly annoying when you’re trying to sleep.

Canon 70D
I call this my main camera. It used to be a Canon 1100D but I recently upgraded. Great for day trips and sunset shots.

Polaroid camera | Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 plus
I’m a sucker for Polaroids and as much as carrying an extra camera is a faff, it’s worth it for travel memories that are going to age with time.

Phone case | Lifeproof
I like having my phone, both because I’m with Three (meaning free calls abroad) and because it’s a nice camera for quick snaps on the move. However, I’m a liability, which means I break absolutely everything. If I had a pound for every phone that I put in the washing machine, I’d be a very rich woman. This case is a God send. I had my phone a week before I dropped it in the bath, down the stairs and onto a radiator (separate incidents) and thanks to lifeproof, there wasn’t even a scratch. It’s the best phone insurance you could purchase while you’re on the move.

Bikini - Victoria Secret’s Pink
I can forgive the dodgy tan-lines for this beautiful creation. Even if you’re going to colder destinations, it’s a sad day when you find out that your hotel has a pool and you didn’t bring a swimsuit.

Your own miniature pharmacy
Buying pharmaceutical drugs abroad is tricky, particularly if you don’t speak the language. I tend to stock up for every scenario and make myself a little life saver kit for emergencies. 

St. Christopher necklace

Whether you believe in it or not, nothing beats a little bit of extra luck. This necklace was gifted to me on my 21st birthday and hasn't left my neck since.

God protect us as we travel, by air or land or sea.
Keep us safe, and guide us, wherever we may be.


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