Friday, February 12, 2016

The Marylebone Hotel | London

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an obsession with castles. Whether it’s Fort St. Angelo, Ambras Castle or Fortress Hohensalzburg – I walk around the grounds high above the city and escape into a world of royalty. On the outside, I’m a young girl stomping around in massive boots and clinging onto a gazillion cameras, but on the inside I’m Princess Tye, heading for world domination.

Well, despite the lack of a castle, that was certainly how I felt at the Marylebone hotel.

With the door held open by a finely dressed gentleman, who took my luggage and called me Ms Tye, I was officially crowned royalty for the weekend. What began as a Christmas gift for Jake, had turned into the most lavish start to 2016 we could possibly have imagined.

The walls were covered in velvet, the changing rooms had dressing tables to die for and the gym was spread across three floors. Not to mention we were kindly gifted a bottle of prosecco on arrival... they certainly know how to treat a girl!

From £165 for the night, the royal experience certainly doesn’t come cheap, but it does come with full access to all the facilities, including fitness classes and the steam room. With the standard operation for our weekend being gym, swim, steam, shower and food - we certainly made full use of what was on offer.

That’s not to say the place was perfect because it wasn't, the bathroom was small and the shower screen wasn't long enough so we managed to keep flooding the bathroom. I also managed to rub my feet raw in new heels, resulting in me walking home sideways, but I guess I can’t hold the Marylebone accountable for that one.

My feet were comforted however, by the bed that was deeper than the Mariana Trench and some chocolate from Tesco’s round the corner. In fact, the location couldn't be any more perfect. Situated just behind Oxford Circus, a 5 minute walk (in sensible shoes) and you'll reach all the shops, bars and restaurants you could imagine. Not to mention Marylebone's own restaurant, 108 Brasserie, located in the same building; which sadly I can’t comment on as we headed for Mexican food instead.

The gym, named the Third Space, is open to members as well as hotel guests and will have absolutely everything you could possibly need for a good workout. The fitness classes on offer vary from circuits to yoga and the basement pool was relatively quiet most of the time (minus the one small child we had the pleasure of encountering on Saturday evening). As much as I, like most child-free 22 year olds, hate being around children when I’m on holiday, it was forgiven due to the fact we rarely saw other guests. The only other humans we witnessed on our floor were staff. So much so, I wouldn't have been surprised if they’d said we were two of five guests over the weekend.

Sadly however, the two days flew by and before we knew it we were checking out and heading to the shops on Oxford Street. It was such a lovely, relaxing break, and if you can spare the pretty hefty price tag - it’s certainly worth a visit.

Last three photographs belong to the Doyle Collection


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