Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Paris Diaries | All work and no play

Day 2.

Travelling for business is far from easy. The hours are long, the work is strenuous and trying (and failing) to speak French all day is exhausting. I arrived at 8am every morning and was on my feet until 6pm (minus 30 minutes sat down for lunch). The first full day of work hit me like a ton of bricks and by the end; I was already wondering how I would survive another two full days.

I left for work in the dark and arrived home in the dark; I’d been in Paris for two days and had yet to see the city in daylight. Not only was I working long hours at the event, but I’d get back to my hotel and have to log on to my laptop – the day job back in London was still there after all.

After my extortionate, and quite frankly unappetising, room service the night before, I was on the lookout for dinner on the walk back to the hotel. I found it in the form of take out Pasta, I could have cried of happiness when I saw cheese covered penne arrabbiata in a pot.

I even treated myself to a chocolate macaroon, my first in fact, and it was delicious. I always thought Macaroons were biscuits, but instead I got a chocolate flavoured cake with gooeyness in the middle. Yum!

Oh, the luxuries of business travel.


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