Tuesday, December 16, 2014

21 lessons

Today I turn twenty-one! So to celebrate, I'm sharing twenty-one things I've learnt along the way...

1. Those who join in when you sing loudly and out of tune are the ones you need to hold on to.

2. You have the same amount of hours in your day as Barak Obama. Stop complaining that you don’t have time. 

3. No matter how much weight you lose, your bum will always be disproportionately large. Embrace it. 

4. Birds are arseholes. 

5. Stop worrying about what other people think, trust yourself enough to keep doing what you’re doing.

6. Your dancing skills are killer, and your ability to make up routines and perform like you’ve had them rehearsed for months is otherworldly.

7. You don’t like nightclubs. Don’t go to them.

8. Comfort zones are like keeping your camera on auto. 

9. Be kind. 

10. Look after yourself; eat breakfast, exfoliate and floss.

11. You live in England, buy a damn umbrella.

12. It’s okay to be sad. Stay in bed and eat Ben and Jerry’s all day. Just remember that sadness is temporary. 

13. Iron Man is educational. It teaches you the fundamental importance of working hard and going to school. Others will deny it; but everyone wants to be a superhero. 

14. When you look at someone with bright green hair and think ‘what is she doing?’ before rethinking ‘Go her! She doesn’t give a crap’. Know that your first thought is what society has conditioned you to think. It is your second thought that defines you. 

15. Pandas look like a man in a suit. They are, and will always be, the most incredible creature to have blessed this earth. 

16. You will become friends with annoying people. When you tell them they’re annoying, one of two things will happen. Either they will stop being annoying, or they will stop being your friend. 

17. Spend your money on experiences rather than things. Material objects will lose value after a while. Good memories last forever. 

18. Tartan will always be fashionable.

19. Making lots of friends becomes less important as your get older. If you have found one true friend then hold on tight, because you have struck gold. 

20. Document everything. Write. Film. Take photos. Nothing will ever beat capturing the moment something made your heart sing. 

21. Find what you love, pursue it, and forget the rest.

P.S I am currently posting this from Copenhagen (my surprise 21st birthday gift from Jake)
... Happy Tuesday :-D 


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