Monday, October 27, 2014

What do you love?

It’s a wonderful experience to discover something you enjoy. A passion so deep and meaningful, that you focus on little else. It could be a childhood talent or a pipe dream, many could love it, or only you it would seem. When you tell your loved ones of this magical pursuit, they may not be convinced by the reasoning behind it. But be sure to remember, this is something YOU adore. So don’t hold back, commit yourself, and get all that you could ask for.

You may like making music, something quirky and unique, or climbing Kilimanjaro until you reach its peak. Maybe you find life’s fulfilment in the written word, or anything but travel may appear totally absurd. All the beauty in the world is vast, it may not last, but until then we can add it to our past, have a blast, and pray that life will make sense fast. 

You may find your love requires talent that you don’t yet possess. You’ll sit and wallow in self-pity, feeling like a total mess. Worry little and pursue it nonetheless. If all you have is passion, you can work on all the rest. If it’s something you want bad enough then you will find success. 

Be it skydive, singing live or learning to jive; there is so much more to living, than just keeping yourself alive. Some dreams may require that much more persistence, but bear in mind that this pursuit will define your very existence. So demand and scream and shout like a petulant child. For without this passion of yours, life will remain rather bland and mild. 

You could find that it pays badly, doing what you love. Performing in the street to a crowd of distant strangers, who seem to soften when they have assessed all of the dangers, realising they won’t be robbed of hard earned cash, they stop and watch the talent that you stash, away, like today is New Year’s day. The majestic brilliance that flows from what you do, money matters little when your passion drives you. A guitar box filled with pennies is the price you pay to pursue, a dream that wraps you up and tells you it’s your cue. 

Sometimes life will knock you back, it could be because of something specific that you lack, or just a cheap attack. It will hurt for a moment; you may struggle to find your feet. But never for one second should you admit defeat. Life will close the door, it will smash you in the face, it’s yelling at you to work harder, try picking up the pace. 

Giving up is not unheard of; many people quit. It may not have been a passion, more a momentary sit, on a hobby you liked a bit, but didn’t want to admit, that you hadn’t found your true calling but just a spur of the moment flit. When you do it will be magical, radical, fanatical. Like a star shooting across the night, the sight of tribal warriors or a caveman finding light.

We can all get what we want, if we stop being so afraid. Rejection, failure, dismay it’s all part of the game. Pretending to be happy while you’re working nine to five may pay off all your debts but only to survive. To live is more than breathing and filling in the gaps, it’s finding love and happiness in everything, perhaps? For me, I need a journey, some travel or a quest. 
Find what you enjoy, pursue it, forget the rest.


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