Thursday, October 23, 2014

Positive vibes

It’s October, which means no more travelling to exotic destinations, no more picnics in the sun, no more lounging by the ocean in a bikini and certainly no more daily ice cream trips without being judged. I expected to feel a certain degree of nostalgia for the summer I just had and for the workload of university life to hit me like a tonne of bricks (similar to this time last year). Strangely enough, I’m still waiting for the anxiety to kick in because so far the only feelings I have acknowledged are ambition, motivation and complete and utter excitement.

I am paying an extortionate amount of rent; I have six essays due and three books that I had to have read by last Monday. I don’t know for sure when I am going to see Jake next and I have absolutely no foundations laid down for when I graduate in nine months time. I should be panicked, but I can’t wait. 

These positive vibes I have woken up to every morning could fade over the next couple of weeks, or even days, but I am embracing them while they last. I can see where I want to be and I know how to get there. I have never been so enthusiastic about learning – which may have something to do with me picking the most incredible courses this year. 

It’s clear now that university is a learning curve; you discover what you like, whom you like and similarly, what you cant stand. I’ve grown up so much, almost without realising and I can’t wait to see where I am come graduation.

Seize the day
H x


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