Friday, September 26, 2014

Make a wish

It comes around once a year, the golden opportunity for all your hopes and dreams to come true. Your eyes blurred by glistening fire, your ears ringing at the sound of an un-tuned chorus and your tummy rumbling at the possibility of white, creamy icing. You piece together the intricate wording of what you most desire before leaning forward, lips pursed at the ready... then it's gone!

The chorus comes to an abrupt end, along with your wish as your cousin leant over and stole what you had been waiting for all year. Suddenly your eyes are blurred, not from the glistening fire but from the tears streaming down your face. Before long your mother is there with matches and your brother aids with a hug, but replaying the moment isn't quite the same.

Sadly this would be a recurring nightmare in young Hollie's life.

Moral of the story - protect your cake and never let anybody blow out your candles.


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