Saturday, September 21, 2013

She's nice, my mum

I like to think that there are few things I could not live without. I am awful at answering my phone, which gives me the reassurance that it has not become a necessity. I currently have no Wi-Fi and my television has no signal, though I seem to be coping well. I have to come clean with my slight addiction to Instagram and my love for my camera. Though I think, if push came to shove, I could cope without. My mum, however, is a different matter. Approaching twenty makes me feel as if my dependence on my mother should come to a halt, I have come to accept now that this will never be the case.

This week was my mum’s birthday, so it was only right that I headed into London for the day. Last year we celebrated her 50th with far too many cocktails and a caterpillar cake. This year we grabbed a bite to eat in St. Paul’s, did some shopping in Stratford City, before heading back to set up her new iPad. My brother, James, managed to get a long weekend off and joined us in the evening for dinner. It is rare that the three of us get a chance to go out together, but it makes it exceptionally nice when it does happen.

Leaving my home in Surrey to go and see my mum makes me realise that no matter my age or level of maturity, there are certain things that I will always need her for; helping me move home for instance, which has occurred seven times over the last year. To listen to my boy drama, girl drama, or just general drama that occurs in a teenage girl’s life. To teach me new recipes now that I have a kitchen to cook in, show me what an aerial socket is and how to get my whites, ‘white!’  So I may be turning twenty this year, I may be living away from home and have my own independent life, but I still could not imagine getting through the day without knowing this woman was a phone call away. So mum, if you have finally figured out how to use your iPad and get on to my blog, just know… I love you beyond measure.


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