Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dulux colour run

Running has recently become a new hobby of mine and I am starting to find it quite enjoyable, in a fulfilment sense. Nothing quite beats the feeling you get once you finish a really challenging run. I have always dreamed of completing the London Triathlon but I doubt I will ever attain that level of fitness, consequently, I lowered my ambition and instead took part in the 5K Colour Run. This year was the first time that the Colour Run came to London, it took place in Wembley, with 15000 people showing up in the hottest week of the year so far. I ran with my gym buddy at University, Dowse, and to say we were warm would be an understatement. The sweat that appeared before the run had even begun was actually quite impressive.

The Colour Run works by checkpoints. All the runners enter a holding bay and are released a thousand runners at a time. After each kilometre, you reach a paint checkpoint, where there are colour run helpers there to make sure you are as colourful as possible. Each paint checkpoint displays a different colour and by the time 5K is completed, all the runners look like human rainbows.

Once we passed the finish line we had the chance to have a jumping photo taken in the Dulux colour dome and there was a paint rave taking place by the stage; I guess for everyone that did not achieve full colour covering during the run. I may just be easily impressed, but I think no matter your age, there is nothing more exciting then getting covered in paint. The burning sun made it feel as though we were on holiday and the general atmosphere from all the runners made the day for me. It was a perfect introduction to powder paint and has made me even more enthusiastic for Holi Festival in about a month.


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